Approaching the boss door.

Bowser's Castle 3 is the last level of Bowser's Castle. It is a short level with many enemies that act as obstacles (Thwomps and Fire Balls) and is where Koopa battles the first boss. After completing the level, Koopa will gain access to Mushroom Forest.

The LevelEdit

Koopa starts at a place where there are many ? blocks and makes his way through a series of Thwomps that leads him to the door to the next room.

As Koopa jumps across the lava, another Thwomp surprises him, leading to a bridge with Fire Balls. Koopa finally reaches a big red door that will lead him to one of his Goomba friends.

Secret ExitEdit

At the beginning, Koopa is surrounded by many ? blocks. Jump to the top of the blocks and quickly jump through the left wall. Koopa will fall onto a platform with a green pipe that'll lead him to a whole different level almost entirely made out of pipes. Make your way through to discover yet another area called "The Power-Up Room", which should help you if you're ever in a jam!

Boss Battle!Edit

Wario is the boss of this area. To find out how to defeat him, please see this page.