Mushroom Forest is a location found in the game A Koopa's Revenge. The Mushroom Forest is followed after
Mushroom Forest

Deep in the Mushroom Forest...

Bowser's Castle. It is the second world Koopa travels through in the game.

The theme of this place is like a magical forest. The forest is set at night time. Instead of doors, there are leaves that lead to the next room in the levels. There are many Yoshis found in this world. There are three levels in this world. Sky Mountain follows after Mushroom Forest.

Levels found in Mushroom ForestEdit

  1. Mushroom Forest 1

    Mushroom Forest is located on the West part of the map.

  2. Mushroom Forest 2
  3. Mushroom Forest 3

Boss: Peach

Enemies found in Mushroom ForestEdit