The two leaf-doors.

Mushroom Forest 1 is the first level in Mushroom Forest. It is a long level with more enemies than in Bowser's Castle. The level is set to make Koopa's arrival in the mysterious forest.

The LevelEdit

Koopa is under a platform where a Toad and Baby Mario can be found. There are some ? blocks in between the gaps and some enemies near the 'leaf doors.'

Koopa enters a room that involves alot of jumping. Yoshis and Fire Balls are seen here. A Bowser Coin is found in the lava.

In this area, Baby Luigi is seen down below. A Yoshi is guarding a bunch of ? blocks. More gaps start to appear. A Bowser coin is on a tiny floating platform up high. The door to the next room is finally reached. However, a hidden door can be found if Koopa jumps high enough on the other side of the wall.

If Koopa took the hidden door, he would end up in a small area with a Rainbow Yoshi. Koopa now reaches the mid-flagpole and comes across two doors.

The left door leads Koopa to a room wher Baby Wario can be seen. Then the next door brings him to a room with many ? blocks with a few enemies in it. Baby Waluigi is in this area. When Koopa enters the door, the Large Flagpole is already in front of him.

The right door takes Koopa to a room with a few enemies. A Bowser Coin is floating above a Birdie. The next room has a few gaps in it, Baby Wario is sitting on a small platform. Next room has gaps that Koopa can run over and Baby Waluigi is seen here. Last room has a few more Yoshis, gaps that can be ran over and the Large Flagpole at the end. There is a 1-UP mushroom at the top of the stairs.