Near the evil lair of the boss.

Mushroom Forest 3 is the last level of Mushroom Forest. The level is a short level and is located in the deepest part of the forest. Koopa battles the second boss at the end of the level. This level is followed by Mushroom Forest 2.

The LevelEdit

Koopa starts in a small tunnel with alot of mushrooms. As he gets out, he jumps across the few gaps and reach for the door.

In the next room, Koopa needs to do a far jump that will let him progress the level. But little does he know that it'll take time to do so. He will always end up falling in a small spot with a Pink Yoshi. He needs to hit the Invisible Blocks above the gap to reach the other side. After, Koopa is now ready to face the boss to rescue another Goomba friend.


The secrets here aren't so obvious. Koopa can walk through the wall behind where he starts to grab the Fire Flower. Also, when exiting the small tunnel, Koopa can find Invisible blocks that reveal a passage to a secret place with a Rainbow Yoshi. This also serves as a shortcut to the Boss door.

Boss Battle!Edit

The Boss of this area is Peach. To find out how to defeat her, see this page.