The Shell is an item in A Koopa's Revenge. Koopa is always seen wearing it. These shells are used to keep Koopa's defenses. It is also used for power-ups. When starting a new game, Koopa will automatically equip a green shell. If an enemy hits Koopa with a shell on, Koopa will lose his shell and is proned to losing a life. If Koopa gets hit while wearing a red or blue shell, his shell will automatically become green.


Green Shell

Koopa with his green shell.

Red Shell

Red Shell.

Blue Shell

Blue Shell.

Green ShellEdit

This is Koopa's normal shell. It doesn't have any special abilities but it keeps Koopa from losing a life when hit by an enemy. They are obtained when finding green shells in ? blocks and also in the Power Pipe.

Red ShellEdit

With this shell on, Koopa can flamethrow or shoot fireballs to incinerate enemies. They are obtained when finding the Fire Flower in ? blocks and in the Power Pipe.

Blue ShellEdit

This shell enables Koopa to jump higher and glide in the air. Koopa also has wings with this shell on. They can be obtained when finding a feather in ? blocks and in the Power Pipe.

No Shell

No Shell.

Without a ShellEdit

Koopa will lose his shell when hit by an enemy or some obstacles. If Koopa gets hits again, he will lose a life.