Toads are common enemies that are found in the game A Koopa's Revenge. They appear in many levels like Yoshi. Most Toads just walk back and forth. They are mushroom retainers, the assistants of the princess. Most Toads can be defeated by stomping/jumping and breathing fire on them.


Toads are mushroom-like people. They wear a round, white cap with red dots on it. Their necks and legs can't be seen. Toads also wear red shoes.

As an EnemyEdit

Toads walk back and forth. They seem like useless enemies. Of course, they can hurt Koopa. There are a few different Toads. Here is a list of Toads and their descriptions:
Normal Toad

A Normal Toad.

Normal ToadEdit

This is the usual Toad you would see everyday. They just walk back and forth.


A Skeletoad.


This Toad is just all bones. It is invincible. Stomping on it or breathing fire on it won't do anything.


A Mummitoad.


This Toad is only found in the desert. Only fire can defeat it.