Wario, as seen in A Koopa's Revenge.

Wario is the first boss of the game A Koopa's Revenge and is encountered by Koopa at the end of the level Bowser's Castle 3. In A Koopa's Revenge, he kidnapped one of Koopa's Goomba friends.


Wario wears a yellow hat with the letter 'W' seen at the front. He has a big nose, a zig-zagged moustache and is very chubby. He is wearing purple overalls and brown shoes. Wario always looks mad.

As a bossEdit

Wario is an easy boss. In this battle, Wario will run very fast throughout the whole room and can hurt Koopa when he

Wario shooting fireballs at Koopa.

runs pass him. While Wario is running, Koopa needs to jump on him to inflict damage. After running around, Wario will go inside his control room and shoot out fireballs that can hurt Koopa. Koopa only needs to dodge the fireballs. Then Wario comes out of his control room and will run around the room again.

Wario will be doing the same pattern over and over again. After Wario has been jumped on 4-5 times, he will be defeated.