Green Yoshi!




Green, Pink, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Red, Blue, Rainbow


Flying, Jumping, Chasing, Dashing, Walking


Bowser's Castle, Mushroom Forest, Sky Mountain, Dry Desert, Mario's Castle

How to Defeat:

Jump, Fire breath


Yoshis are common enemies found in A Koopa's Revenge. There are many colors of Yoshis and they attack in different ways. Yoshis come in different colors and they can be defeated by jumping on them or by breathing fire on them. Some Yoshis are seen walking, running, flying and jumping.


Yoshis are dinosaurs which are commonly green, but can come in different colors. Yoshis have big eyes and noses. At the back of their heads are scales and have saddles on their backs. Yoshis wear reddish brown shoes.


Yoshis abilities differenciate according to their color. Here is a complete list of Yoshis found in A Koopa's Revenge. This is based on their color and function.

Green YoshiEdit

The most common Yoshi. Green Yoshis walk back and forth, they have the same abilities of a Toad

Pink YoshiEdit

Pink Yoshis run back and forth, they run at a very great speed and distance that they can't stand properly. 

Cyan YoshiEdit

Cyan or light-blue Yoshis fly back and forth, they can be jumped on to cross a gap. 

Yellow YoshiEdit

Yellow Yoshis jump back and forth. They first appear in the Mushroom Forest.

Purple YoshiEdit

Purple Yoshis have the same abilities as the Yellow Yoshi but doesn't move back and forth. 

Brown YoshiEdit

Brown Yoshis don't move unless Koopa is in their sight. They chase after him.

Red YoshiEdit

Red Yoshis have the ability to walk on lava. This is considered a rare yoshi since it only appears in one level, Bowser's Castle 2 .

Blue YoshiEdit

Blue Yoshis are darker in color and have the same function as the Cyan Yoshi but does not fly back and forth. Much like Birdies; probably the exact same thing as a Birdie besides their size.

Rainbow YoshiEdit

Rainbow Yoshis are rare, they hide in secret places. When they are defeated by Koopa, they will lay a Yoshi egg.